As residents of Hawai‘i first and foremost, our commitment to an inclusive, multiethnic culture is more than just a priority, it’s second nature. Anyone who knows this island well knows its long history of diversity, and we’ve always sought to create a work environment that reflects this.

As stewards of the law and counsel to our clients, we firmly believe that this reverence for diversity also serves to strengthen our firm’s offerings and understanding of a multitude of legal issues. As one of Hawaii’s oldest and most respected law firms, we’re in a unique position to hire the best talent from a diverse pool of attorneys and staff. This helps create a vibrant and engaging community that adds value to our clients.

To say we’re an equal opportunity employer would be accurate, but also an understatement. The fact is, what matters most to us at Goodsill is respect for the law, the pursuit of excellence, and an unwavering commitment to one another as well as to our community.