Summer associates work in as many practice areas, and directly with as many of our attorneys, as possible. Although a Goodsill summer associate's primary exposure to the practice of law will be research and writing assignments, when feasible, we also encourage our interns to attend legal proceedings, such as trials, hearings, and depositions, as well as the firm’s regular in-house training and seminar programs for attorneys. 
When making hiring decisions, we give priority consideration to our summer associates, and we attempt to correlate the number of summer associates hired with the anticipated number of first-year associate positions will fill in their years of graduation.

We encourage new associates to assume increasing responsibility early in their tenure, and it is not unusual for associates to have direct contact with our clients and courtroom experience almost immediately upon admission to the Hawai‘i​ bar. The firm also attempts to accommodate the preferences of new associates in determining the areas in which they will practice, subject to the needs of the firm.